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Welcome to Neal Brooker Training Blog

Are you tired of feeling lost when it comes to health and fitness?

Through my blog posts, I am determined to give honest and useful advice to help readers gain sustainable progress.

Reading my blog will give you:

Weekly up-to-date news regarding health, fitness, nutrition and sports performance
Clear, digestible information
A laugh

About Me?

I am just your average bloke. I was not gifted academically or athletically, yet I achieved a 1st class honours degree in Sports Development and post-university I competed as a full-time professional squash player. This was primarily a result of hard work and dedication. Adding to this I also surrounded myself with some amazing teachers and coaches, and I still do. After being helped by some great teachers I now want to help you!

So why listen to me?

I own a training company that specialises in delivering expert personal training and squash coaching. This means I am lucky enough to spend the majority of my week working face a�� to a�� face with people ranging from 5-65 years old. So if you are struggling with something health and fitness related Ia��ve probably come across it too.

Let’s get interactive

I am a firm believer of a�?you never stop learning’. I had one of my greatest a�?light bulb moments’ following a comment made by one of the 5-year-old squash players I coach. So I encourage people to comment on my blog posts as ita��s a great opportunity to learn and develop.

Keep progressing!

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