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Is your training programme working for you?

There are lots of different ways you can break up your training programme across the days of the week, examples include: push/pull days, upper body / lower body days or simply targeting a body part(s) each day. This list is not exhaustive, and ultimately the best training spilt is one that you can actually adhere to.

Personally, I train 5 days per week.

For upper body use gymnastics strength training and I split my sessions into Straight Arm Sessions and a Bent Arm Sessions. During each session, I make sure I have an exercise for each of the 4 shoulder positions (Elevation, Depression, Retraction & Depression) to ensure I develop a balanced physique. Typically, I complete 4 sessions a week, 2 Straight Arm and 2 Bent Arm Sessions. I have found in straight arm sessions I tend to hold the positions for time and bent arm sessions I tend to complete reps.

For lower body I use the following exercises: Back/Front Squat, Deadlift, Straight Leg Deadlift & a Lunge. I have selected these exercises, as they are compound lifts allowing me to train multiple muscles at one time saving me time. I tend to keep my repetitions fairly low (3-6) on these exercises as I am simply looking to build strength in my legs, not size.

Typical Week:

Monday: Gymnastic Strength Training (Straight Arm)

Tuesday: Gymnastic Strength Training (Bent Arm)

Wednesday: Lower Body

Thursday: Gymnastic Strength Training (Bent Arm)

Friday: Gymnastic Strength Training (Straight Arm)

Today was a straight-arm session; this is one drill I used to build shoulder strength in a protracted position. Drill: Tuck Planche.

Please note this is a programme that I have designed myself and should not be copied. I am simply exploring ways to achieve total body strength.

However, do free to ask me any questions as to why I have set it up in this fashion, but be aware its based on my own learning and practical application.

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