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Easy Steps to Achieve Fat Loss

Fat loss is simple but is often over complicated. In my opinion, this over complication leaves people feeling lost and demotivated. Below I am going highlight some simple steps that can help you see some instant results. In the coming weeks I will be releasing a series of blog posts addressing each of these points in much greater detail.

1. Find Your Starting Point

This is vital. Being aware of your current body composition can be daunting, but this allows you to measure your progress and keep you motivated on your journey. I regularly see people putting themselves down for a lack of progress despite making lots; they just do not know it, as they didn’t find their starting point.

2. Move More

To achieve fat loss, your body needs to be in a slight caloric deficit. In other words, the energy that you are expending needs to be greater than you are taking in. By simply moving more, you can get closer to achieving this deficit, as you will be expending more energy (calories). Keep it simple, stand and walk more.

3. Lift Weights

When looking to change your body composition, resistance training (lifting weights) is a very effective method. In simple terms, we need to burn calories to lose fat, which resistance training does. It also allows us to reshape the body making it a good choice for helping you achieve a new body shape. While it is very difficult to build muscle and lose fat at the same time, resistance training allows us to preserve muscle to a certain degree while the body is in a caloric deficit also making it an effective choice.

4. Seek Nutrition Advice

Arguably this is the most debated topic within the health and fitness industry. My advice to anyone thinking about changing their approach to nutrition would be to seek professional advice. Do your research so you feel 100% confident in the advice you are receiving, as this is what’s most likely to influence your progress.

Keep a look out for more detailed posts, regarding each step.

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