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Drugs in Sport – My Views

It is fair to say professional sport has lost a huge amount of credibility recently, following a string of high-profile drug scandals. Unfortunately, we seem to be regularly seeing role models become villains. Personally, I would welcome a change to the current sports policy set in the United Kingdom (UK) to criminalise doping within sport.

It seems like a logical step, as fraud is already a criminal offence in the UK, which is exactly what professional athletes who take performance-enhancing drugs are doing. When they receive lucrative sponsorship deals following performances, which are achieved as a result of, taking performance-enhancing it is fraud.

Do I think this change to our current sports policy will eradicate the issue of drugs in sport? No, but some form of action needs to be taken otherwise we are potentially creating a generation of children aspiring to perform at a level, which is not attainable through just hard work.

It is important to note, that I am not saying athletes who take performance-enhancing drugs do not work hard because they do. The issue I have is when people lie about it and then reap rewards at the expense of a�?clean’ athletes. As a former professional squash player, I also understand that it can be very tough to make a living as a professional athlete. Receiving sponsorship can really help athletes financially, but hopefully, this policy change may reduce the pressure on athletes to take performance-enhancing drugs tin order to receive these deals.

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