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Can education cure obesity?

75% of the United Kingdoma��s (UK) population set to be overweight or obese by 2035.

There are many risk factors associated with being overweight or obese. According to Cancer Research UK, 700,000 more people could develop cancer in the next 20 years resulting from growing levels of obesity in the UK.

These damning statistics have resulted in calls for a tax on sugary drinks in an attempt to give children a greater chance of being healthier adults. Personally, I do not feel a tax on sugary drinks is the answer. I am not a nutritionist and I would be interested to hear the thoughts of a nutritionist, but I dona��t think the consumption of sugar is the sole reason for people gaining weight. Weight gain can result from over-consuming any of the three macronutrients: Protein, Fat or Carbohydrates. Demonising any food group regardless of whether it is sugar could potentially carry other health risks, both physiological and psychological.

So how can we attempt to tackle the obesity epidemic?

Instead of a a�?Sugar Taxa��, I believe a greater emphasis should be placed on educating children at school about a�?healthy eating and portion controla��. Coupled with this, children should be encouraged to be more physically active instead of playing computer games online. We should be adding formal lessons, which focus on cooking and nutrition into the school curriculum. Ultimately, I feel the UK Government would have more success in tackling obesity by updating our current education system instead of putting a tax on sugary drinks.

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